HIDAP-SweetPotato Base

HIDAP supports clonal crop breeders at the International Potato Center. HIDAP stands for Highly Interactive Data Analysis Platform. It is part of on-going in-house efforts to unify best practices which practices include data collection, data quality and data analysis in clonal crop breeding. HIDAP builds on the former in-house tools DataCollector (DC) and CloneSelector (CS). These tools supported potato and sweetpotato breeding, respectively. HIDAP improves on prior features like data quality checks. It adds new features to support open access. New features include linkage with corporate and local databases such as CIP-BioMart and Sweetpotatobase, the latter via the Breeding API(BrAPI). HIDAP is part of the Global Trial Data Management System suite of tools at CIP.

HIDAP builds on the statistical platform R. This includes the R shiny tools, the knitr package, the agricolae package, and more than 100 other R packages. HIDAP re-uses also the R code that was used in both DC and CS. The R shiny package enables interactive web pages that are usable online and offline. The knitr package enables the creation of reproducible reports and the agricolae package supports the design of field experiments and their analysis.

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Data Quality and Processing


Statistical Analysis for One Environment Trial

The Statistical Analysis of Multi-Environment Trials (MET)

Exploratory Data Analysis

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